Self-care is Sacred

8 Faces believes beauty begins with the decision to be good to yourself.

Inspired by the ever-changing phases of the moon, we believe that ritual self-care can be a transformative and rewarding experience.

The Meaning Our Our Name

Throughout history, people have honored the moon as a feminine symbol that represents the rhythm of time and transformation.

It was believed that the 8 phases of the lunar cycle symbolized the 8 faces of a goddess, each representing a different aspect of woman.

Our Story

Skin and Soul


Selfcare is Sacred

Boundless Solid Oil Made with Amla Berry–a super-fruit rich in Vitamin C, this transformative solid oil can help boost collagen, fight free radicals and bring a fresh glow to your skin. Shop Now

01. Daily Face Care

Can be used as your go-to face oil day and night. In the AM, apply after cleansing skin and before make-up—it makes an excellent primer.

05. After Sun Care

Babassu Oil can gently relieve skin from sunburns while Sunflower oil and Cocoa Butter help with inflammation. Apply to affected area immediately after exposure.

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“Boundless Solid Oil gives skin a serious dose of hydration and luminosity"

— Katey Denno
@Kateydenno | Celebrity Makeup Artist

“I travel constantly for work and I will always carry this solid oil in my carry-on bag as my go-to emergency beauty cream. It is so incredibly nourishing and calming, especially when being assaulted by the airplane's dry air! My skin responds to this product so well - immediately looking more dewy, plumped and hydrated.”

Elettra Wiedemann
@elettrawiedemann | Model, Writer, Foodie

“I was thrilled to discover this healthy, organic cream that actually worked wonders for my skin! As someone with very dry skin, and some Keratosis Pilaris areas, I found this product to be immensely nourishing & hydrating, which smoothed out my dry patches and did not clog pores on face or body. And it smells (naturally) wonderful to boot!”

Carrie Mitchell
@carrieamitchell | Communications, Four Seasons UK

“I'm freakishly addicted to this stuff. It smells so comforting and fresh without any muskiness that I've found in other similar products. The texture feels so luxurious, and most importantly - it keeps me moisturized all day/night long.”

Natalie Decleve
@natty_style | Holistic Stylist

“Boundless Solid Oil is a secret weapon we love on everything from skin, hair and nails. Made with Amla Berry, one of the most antioxidant rich ingredients in the world!”

Natasha Geddes
@goodgoddessdaily | Nutritionist

For the Skin and Soul

Our Solid Oil is effective, reparative and uncomplicated. Any way you apply it, you’re doing something good for yourself.

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